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At PA Health Advocates, we firmly believe "Health insurance is complicated, but it doesn't have to be."


Many of the best organizations are founded based on personal events, and PAHA is no exception. Founder and Principal, Joshua Brooker received a big surprise along with the birth of his first child. The insurers double-billed him on the premise his oldest son was born in a different plan year(1/1) than his mother was admitted(12/31). Out of frustration, and lack of advocacy, PAHA was formed. With more than 9 years in the industry, serving the Group, Individual, and Medicare Markets, PAHA is focused on making things much less complicated and advocating for our clients.


We are focused on helping you sidestep common pitfalls and assist you in claims advocacy when things just aren't working right.


CMS Circle of Champions
Medicare Certified
Registered Employee Benefits Consultant Certified
Advanced Self Funding Certified
Account Based Health Plans Certified
Employer Sponsored Plans ACA Certified

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