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Over the past 8 years, employee benefits and health insurance as a whole has been a hot topic of discussion. Health insurance is complicated. The right benefits team is one that understands both your business needs and wants… A foundational relationship centered around the stages of business you are experiencing. Whether you are just starting your business, or manage thousands of employees, you need a team of professionals that can meet you where you are at. 


You know that employee benefits are an important way to tell your employees, "You invest in me as your career, I want to invest in you." The right benefits package helps retain top talent and attract new recruits who could take your organization to the next level.


We pride ourselves on consistent service that not only assists you in coming up with an actionable plan but being there every step of the way to ensure you manage any sidesteps. Simply put, life happens.


With a quality balance of Investments, Insurance, Tax Planning* and Business Planning Knowledge each member of our team brings a perspective and expertise to help you reach your goals.


Specialties Include:


  • Major Medical

  • HR Compliance Management

  • Ancillary Benefits Products

  • Financial Literacy Workshops

  • Succession Strategies

  • Fiduciary Oversight




1. Recieve Data


In order to compare your current benefits offering, we start by getting a census of your team to start looking at viable options directly related to the employer and employees goals.  





2. Hold an employee planning meeting


From there, it is crucial we get to know each of your employee's needs. Does a frontline staff's income qualify them for medicaid vs. a key executive looking at catastrophic plans as a viable option? 


This helps on a few fronts:


1. It increases buy-in for implementation.

2. Employees get a seat at the table.

3. Any questions about healthcare are answered.


As an employer you are limited by HIPAA and DOL on the questions you are authorized to ask your employees. This meeting circumvents those limitations as we can discuss their full picture without the employer's direct involvement to get the most accurate picture of your employee's situation.


3. Hold a leadership planning meeting


Once we have spoken to your team, we can use questions answered along with the Census to develop your companies personalized EIPA report. This report indicates what average rates your staff will be faced with compared to the current offering. Additionally, this form will offer leadership average costs employees may incur.  


4. Sign Our Agreement


After your conference call with our team, if you find our recommendations outweigh your current plan, we ask that you sign our agreement indicating a "Business" relationship. Upon receipt of your agreement and our retainer, we will email the quotes to your staff to confirm which route they would like to go. Upon their responses, our team will get them enrolled.


5. Implement


We would provide your team with a start to finish roadmap to get your plan change completed. We will provide payroll stuffers and conference posters to inform employees of the changes. Our enrollers will work with employees individually to ensure the plans they want are chosen. From there, we will offer ongoing workshops from benefits to financial literacy per the direction of HR or the leadership of your business.

 The Journey of a New Client


PA Health Advocates is a leading Fee Only health insurance advising company assisting clients across the United States. We make it simple for everyone to find affordable health insurance and keep their year-round health costs down. We combine Tax, Insurance and Financial principals to bring a holistic approach to health insurance planning. Your options are limitless when you understand the Federal Healthcare System.

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